Doctor of Philosophy (Hindi)

Dr. Sharad Dadaso Pawar

Dr. Pawar is Doctor of Philosophy from Shivaji University, Kolhapur in year 2009. He has completed his research in Hindi language and is now working as a lecturer in Sanjay Ghodawat group of institutions. He is also a well known writer and has contributed to the society with his various books in Hindi and Marathi.

He has done M.A.(Hindi), D.H.T., Hindi Pandit, PH.D. in Hindi, he has a very good knowledge of Hindi as well as many other subjects which he gained through his good habit of reading. His current residence is in Sangli but he was in Kolhapur for long period for his education.

डॉ. शरद पवार जी ने अपनी डॉक्टरेट के समय "मनोहर श्याम जोशी के कथा साहित्य का अनुशीलन" यह प्रबंध सादर किया है, उसी प्रबंध तहित उन्हें पी.एच.डी. प्रदान की गई है।